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Face Fix or Top Fix?

What do we mean when we say top fix and face fix?

Top fix and face fix refers to where the curtain is installed. A top fix curtain is fixed into the top of the window recess so that the curtain sits entirely within the window opening. It can also sit in a bulkhead. A face fix curtain sits either directly on the wall above the window or on the window's architrave.

How to choose the right fixing type for your window

How you choose to fix your curtain will ultimately impact the overall look and functionality of the curtain so it's important to consider what will work best for your space.

A top fix is a great option in smaller spaces because it has a neat, streamlined finish. Installing curtains closer to the ceiling can create an illusion of higher ceilings. This is especially advantageous in rooms with low ceilings, as it makes the space appear more spacious and open. Top fix curtains can be positioned to block out more light at the top of the window. This helps prevent light from seeping in around the edges of the curtains, providing better room darkening capabilities, which is especially useful in bedrooms or media rooms.

A top fix curtain may not always be possible. If you're installing into a recess or bulkhead, you'll need at least 100mm of clearance in the recess to top fix your curtain.

Top fix brackets will be installed directly into your ceiling

A face fix curtain is ideal where your ceiling has a cornice or there is a large gap between your window and ceiling. For smaller windows, face fixing may make your windows appear larger.

Face fix brackets will be installed directly into your wall.

In Summary:

  • Do you want to block out as much light as possible? A top fix is the best option.
  • Are you installing the curtain in a small or large space? For smaller spaces we recommend a top fix, and for larger spaces we suggest the face fix.
  • Do you want your curtains to be a stand out feature? A face fix can be a great way to achieve this look.
  • Do you have 100mm of clearance? If not, you'll need to opt for the face fix.
  • Do you have any obstructions in your window? If you do, you'll need to work out how far they protrude to determine if a face fix will extend far enough.

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