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Colour Combinations

Double Curtain Colour Combinations

Choosing the right colour combinations for your double curtains can be overwhelming, especially if you're not certain about what colours work well together or match your room. But don't worry, we've got you covered!

We have a range of block-out fabrics that can be used either in front of or behind sheer curtains depending on your preference. Fabrics like Belmore and Noble offer a textured look and are best placed in front of sheers. On the other hand, our Epic fabric has a smooth matte finish that complements sheer curtains, making it a great option to place behind them.

We have compiled a list of our favourite colour combinations to help you design your curtains with ease and without stress.

Warm Tone combinations

What are warm colours?

We traditionally think of red, orange, and yellow as warm colours however, also included in the mix are neutral shades like tan and brown.
Warm colours are typically associated with feelings of excitement, warmth, and comfort. They are best suited for use in areas of the house where guests are entertained, such as the living, dining room or kitchen. By using warm colours in these areas, you can create a welcoming and lively atmosphere.

Cool Tone combinations

What are cool colours?

Cool colours are a group of hues that are characterised by a sense of calmness and tranquillity. These colours include shades of blue, green, purple, and grey. They are known for their unique ability to create a peaceful ambiance in any space. When used in bedrooms or office spaces, cool colours can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, thanks to their cool and serene tones.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Bursts of colour - while they bring fun and character to a room, they're not always the best idea in a bedroom. Opt instead for cool colours like a subtle green or blue which have a calming affect compared to a distracting splash of colour that might keep you up all night.
  • Lighter colours - create a softer, more elegant look and can be a great way to make a space feel bigger and brighter. Lighter colours are therefore great in living spaces if you're after a spacious, bright look or even in a smaller room that you want to feel bigger. Keep in mind though that it will of course show stains and dust more easily.
  • Darker colours - are commonly associated with sophistication and luxury. They are often also an excellent way to add contrast and depth in a room, but of course just as lighter colours make a space bigger, darker shades can make a room feel slightly smaller. It's also important to note that if regularly exposed to direct sunlight they might fade slightly over time.
  • Light filtration - with sheer curtains, the colour fabric you choose will influence the colour of the light filtering into the room. This will of course also have a notable impact on the mood and feel of the room.
  • Matching curtains? - if your interior décor is relatively streamlined throughout your home then it can be a good idea for your curtains to all be the same colour. If each room has a unique design and feel however, then it's also fine to have different curtains in each room to match the respective decors.
If you're still not quite sure, you can book a Design Session with us!



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